Our core values

At SPW we promote adviser freedom to act as a true professional, in the best interest of their clients, rather than in the best interest of the shareholders of the AFSL.  SPW advisers are self-sufficient professionals who want a real and dependable partnership with their Licensee providing:

We do not have any ownership connection or conflicted remuneration arrangement with any financial institution.  We believe that a truly professional financial planning practice must be free of these actual, and perceived, conflicts of interest and that the interest of your clients must be paramount at all times.

We encourage advisers to run their practices in line with their own business plans.  There are no product mandates or requirement to meet any minimum funds under management or sales quotas.  SPW emphasises strict compliance with the Corporations Act 2001 and related regulations, and support our advisers in providing high quality, informed, competent, compliant and strategic advice to their clients.